Dragon City Mod APK 2022 | Unlimited Gems, Gold & Everything


Dragon City Mod APK 2022 | Unlimited Gems, Gold & Everything
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Dragon City Mod apk is an interesting strategy game designed especially for game lovers, paired with a captivating battle and virtually invulnerable furious creatures.

Initially, it was developed by a social game developer Social Point and was launched as a Facebook play in May 2013 and later for ios in the same year. The aforenamed developer introduced it on Android in August 2014. An article in 2012 announced that Dragon c.comity cheat was ranked # 2 among the top-rated games on Facebook that year.

In the game, you can create your dragon city 1, construct buildings and farms. At first, you will get a baby dragon, feed the dragon with food. Arrange beds to serve food to the creatures. When the dragons grow, they will transform into monsters.
The baby dragon will be hatched from the eggs. These eggs have to be placed in incubators. The gamer will have to take care of the kid after hatching. Significantly, the purpose of the game is to train the dragons to fight against opponents and shield their dragons from enemy attacks.

Dragon City Mod APK detailed specifications

App Name Dragon City MOD APK
Version 22.8.0
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 139M
Download Page Dragon City MOD APK
Last Update 2022
Rating 4.7
Price Free
Developer Social Point

What’s New

  • You can choose the team of your choice. Just tap once and choose your group of 6.
  • The option of choosing the best and worst teams.
  • Easy to select dragons. You can update the selection list and pick the most required dragon.
  • Additionally, The dragon can enter into the battle by skipping the cooldowns.
  • Extremely impressive and fascinating graphics.
  • You can win multiple rewards at each node. Also, spin the dragon roulette to get the prizes.
  • Likewise, regular players will get chests that contain exclusive prizes.

Old Features of Dragon City

Over 500 dragons are available in the dragon book. For special events, get the decorated dragons. Unlock the advanced features like the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragons to get hundreds of missions. Various exciting adventures and new dragons will be waiting for you every week. Display the power of your dragon by playing with thousands of players online.

To get new and robust creatures, breed and combine with 10 types of dragons (Pure, legend, dark, metal, ice, electric, nature, sea, flame, paradise, magnet, and terra). The cheat is available online free of cost for downloading. The Apk supports and Auto Update so, don’t hustle to update it manually every time.

Moreover, it will be synchronized automatically. Rooting of the device is not required. So, what are you waiting for? Let the fun begins with the dragons?

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New Features of Dragon City Mod APK

 Innovative Gaming Idea 
  • The players will be attracted to any game if the gameplay is innovative. If it is not distinctive, it may cause negative impacts on the overall game ratings and reviews by the users. Versi terbaru 2020 is up to the mark. Every feature of the game is unique and engaging as compared to the other games. This modded Apk keep users engaged and never let the boredom come close to the player.
 Unlimited Gold 
  • Like gold, gems glitch allows the player to review the dragon between the battle, unlock magical dragons, and construct new buildings. The imprisoned dragons can be released using these gems. Unlimited gems are provided to the player with unlimited dragon eggs such as volcano, jelly, and many more.  You can use eggs to complete your dragon collection and unlimited gems to speed up your various tasks.

 Unlimited Gems 
  • Like gold, gems glitch allows the player to review the dragon between the battle, unlock magical dragons, and construct new buildings. The imprisoned dragons can be released using these gems. Unlimited gems are provided to the player. Also, unlimited gems will provide you with dragon eggs such as volcano, jelly, and many more. You can use these world eggs to complete the dragon collection. Limitless gems speed up the tasks as well.
 Breed for Dragons 
  • You can collect more food for the dragons by using the Breeding guide for modded apk. This will help you in the fast growth of dragons and reaching higher levels.
 100s of Dragons 
  • In this version, there are more than 80 million dragon masters. You will get a new dragon on having a battle with them and defeat them. Collect more and more dragons and add them to your collection. The more number of dragons in your team, the more will be the chances of victory. In the dragon city hilesi, you can get more than 100 dragons and use them on the battlefield according to the situation. If you are battling with high-profile players, the best choice is to select the dragon with more than one element. To increase the power of a dragon, you can cross-breed dragons. The new dragon produced will have a combination of the powers of parent dragons.
 PVP battle 
  • PvP stands for player vs player battle. To become a dragon master, you have to beat other players with the most powerful dragon.
    If you are installing it for the first time,  You may get confused about the attacking strategies and defense mechanisms. If you select any powerful dragon, then battling with other players will be easy. You can select the attack from the given options to hit the opponents. Never challenge the player who has experience in the Pvp battle, particularly if you are a new player.
 Entitle the dragons 
  • For a dragon, empowerment gets orbs and sees the power on the battlefield. The mod allows you to chat and battle with other dragon masters, share orbs, open alliance chests, and gift events by joining alliances. From different events, you can achieve various dragons.
 Unlimited Everything 
  • The more you grow in experience and level, the harder the game will become. With the increase in level, various new ventures will be opened. Moreover, you need a lot of menu, gems, and gold for increasing levels by battling. For food, unlimited everything will be offered. Unlimited resources including gold, orbs, gems, and food, etc., are required.

dragon city mod apk

 Pay to Win 
  • It is not a pay to win the game. However, in this game, you will fight for the habitat, gold, gem, and money for the dragons.

 Powerful Battles 
  • In the latest version, you will develop an imaginative world of dragons, feed them, and make them ready for a fight.
 Build New City 
  • Develop a city with magical buildings. For a constant supply of meals, the basic requirement is to establish a farm. The higher the heights stronger the dragon will be.

dragon city mod ap

 Proxy System 
  • It is online gratis. Its work securely, updated daily, proxy system, easy to use, free of virus, and very fast.

More Features of the Game:

  • You can unlock any dragon.
  • Similarly, you will get unlimited food for feeding the dragons.
  • Mod allows you to unlock new areas.
  • This is an ad-free game—no interruption in the battle.
  • Compatible with all Android versions.
  • No need for an internet connection. Once it is downloaded, you can play it even without the internet. It is an offline game.
  • You can collect more gold and gems using a hacked new version. It provides you with all the features of the dragoness game. You can free to play with all your capabilities. Your power in the descargar dragon city will be exceptional.


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Is the mod apk secure to use?

Yes, the apk is 100% secure. Before uploading the mod on the site we first assure the optimization and security.
If you are still concerned regarding security measures you can download antivirus in your device.

Can Lucky Patcher hack the game?

Yes, Lucky Patcher can hack the game. But to avoid going through the software, we simply provide you with a gratis version.

Feeding the dragons are necessary. Why?

Initially in the game, a baby dragon is given to the player. The point of thinking is that how can a baby dragon compete with powerful monsters. The breeding of the dragon world is necessary for making the dragon as powerful as the monsters.

How much space is required to install the apk?

By clearing the recommended space you can easily install the game.

How can a beginner get diamonds and gems?

A beginner can get gems and diamonds by following the tips below:
• Build Habitats
• Complete Daily goals
• Battle with players
• Breed

Is rooted Android phone required for the installation of the apk?

No, you don’t need the rooted device. No need to edit the game data using root explorer.

Can I create a legendary dragon?

You can either do it by spending gems and buy it from the shop or you can breed two dragons of different categories and breed them. The egg will hatch in 2 days 6 hours. The new dragon contains the powers of both the dragons.


Altogether Dragon city mod apk is a fantastic game. Along with many other amazing features, one of the most interesting things is that you can download it free of cost with all features. Download apk from our site and enjoy the battle.

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