Idle Heroes Mod Apk 2022 p3 (VIP-13, Gems, All Heroes)


Idle Heroes Mod Apk is one of the best “RPG” genre games available these days. Its is a premium version with VIP-13, All Heroes, Unlimited Gems & Money. Free download the latest version of the app.
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In Idle Heroes MOD, many different heroes can be collected. It has over 200 heroes that can be collected and used in battles against enemies. Each hero has its own and specific skills and attributes as well as its special moves.

If you like to play “RPG” type games, this modified version brings unlimited everything for you, such as VIP 13, UNLIMITED Money/Coins & Gems, and All Heroes UNLOCKED! So, what are you waiting for?

Download Idle Heroes Apk for your Android, iOS(iPhone, iPad), PC, Laptop, and enjoy!

Now, let’s have a more in-depth look at the game versions, features, and other specifications.

Idle Heroes Mod Apk detailed specifications

App Name Idle Heroes Mod Apk
Version 1.3.0
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 130M
Download Page Idle Heroes Mod apk
Last Update One day ago
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer DHGames

Old Versions of Idle Heroes Mod Apk :

  1. 1.22.0.p3
  2. 1.22.0.p2
  3. 1.22.0.p
  4. 1.21.0.p

What’s new in Idle Heroes Mod Apk in 2021

The game has become pretty fresh after the last update. The developers of Idle Heroes Mod-Apk are always trying to bring out the best for the players. They have removed many problems that were found during battles and also in the game lobby. Let’s explore what’s new in the game:

  1. New Heroes:

The new heroes are added to the game. The new hero legend is also added to the game in almost every update. In the last update, the unique forest hero “Garuda” was added that has awesome new skills like “go Garuda” and “get smacked.” Another hero that was added in the game before the last update was “Delacium.”But unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to obtain them. However, this mod pack allows the players to purchase whatever hero they like.

  1. New events:

The game developers have also added new events into the game, which allows the players to get more heroes by completing tasks and progressing faster in the game. The events come on a weekly time basis in which the player has to complete several tasks to make it to the end and obtain the best 5-star heroes.

  1. New Skins:

The game has some new skins for the characters. This allows the players to customize their characters however they want. The skin they have added in the last update is one of the best-looking skins, the “Sword of Storms.”

  1. Bug fixes:

This game is very fun, but the drawback is that some lags and bugs made the game very difficult to play. Due to these bugs, some of the players quoted playing the game. Therefore, in this update, the developers noticed these and removed most of the lags that annoyed the players. After this has improved the gameplay a lot. Now the game has become better than many of its last updates.

Wait…there’s More!

The game officially came out on 11th November 2016, and it broke the records of many “RPG” games around at that time. The objective of the game is to become stronger and stronger to defeat all the enemies. This mod pack with the game allows the players to get access to VIP-13 and most of the paid things in Ideal Heroes Mod-Apk. This means that installing the app’s modded version gives players everything they need to level up for free. This game takes the “RPG” to an easy type of play as it has an idle feature that allows the players to battle and level up their heroes without being near their phones.

As it is written above, the game first became available to play in November 2016. From that date, the game has started to grow all over the world. The game players are found mostly in the USA and China, but still, there are more than 10 million downloads of the game. The game started to grow and became very popular among people under the age of 30. Mostly, people who play it love the gameplay and graphics of the game.

The game has generated revenue of 5 million dollars in just 4.5 years. This number is pretty huge for an RPG type game because these games do not grow this popular this fast.

The game developers are very happy with the progress of the game. Still, the game has not lost popularity as there are more than 80k downloads of the game all over the world every month. That is pretty insane for any game that is based on the RPG genre.  But that is not it; the game has reached a total of 90k downloads after the developers launched their last update.

The players of the game are satisfied with the game. The best part of the game is that the game has an auto-battle feature that can be used in single-player mode. It allows the players to grow and upgrade the skills and attributes of their heroes, even when they are not near to their phones. This feature enables the players to grow quicker and more easily than in other RPG games.

Most of the game players like this feature as it has made the game very easy for the players. The game itself is quite a lot of fun, but because of the lag and bug fixes, it has become the most awesome RPG game ever!

The game has many potentials, and if the developers keep improving Ideal Heroes Mod-Apk, it can become more wonderful.

Features of  Idle Heroes Mod Apk

Now, Let’s explore the most amazing features of the Tinder MOD APK:

 Strategic battles 
  • The most interesting feature of the game is that; the game has 200+ heroes. Every hero has his specific power, ability, nature, and attributes. This provides a lot of variety to the game players for the customization of their dream team. As we know that the team of heroes is the most important thing in winning the game’s in-game single-player battles and also for winning the PVP battles either with your friends or with the people against you from all around the world. The huge number of hero varieties allows gamers to choose the team they want according to their needs. So, they can succeed in any idle hero’s battle.

Idle Heroes MOD Apk

 Various game types 
  • There a lot of game types or game modes to play. This offers more content for the players to enjoy with pleasure. Some of these are:
    1. Battlegrounds galore
    2. Dungeons aplenty
    3. Heroic quests

    This offers more things, so the players don’t get tired of boredom while playing the game.

Idle Heroes MOD Apk

 Guild Wars 
  • the guild wars feature is said to be the most awesome feature of the game. This feature allows the players to fight alongside each other and lead the guild to victory. It means that the players can invite their friends in the guild and rank it up to get rewards and play the game with their friends.

Idle Heroes MOD Apk

 Idle system 
  • The most important and amazing feature of the game “Idle heroes Mod-Apk” is that it allows the players to play the game without needing to carry their phones with them. This system is great for players who find it difficult to play for hours due to time management problems.

Idle Heroes MOD Apk


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Popular FAQ’s

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the game are given below. These might help you if you are facing any problems or want to know more about the game. These questions are often asked by the new as well as the old players of the game. That is why you should also take a look at these.

  1. How to get VIP-13 in the game for free?

When you download the original game from the Google play store or Apple app store you have to pay to get to VIP-13. However, If you download this mod-pack of idle heroes from our website you can get access to the VIP-13 for free by just opening the shop section and purchasing it from there at no cost at all!

  1. How to get gold for free in-game?

You know that you have to pay to purchase gold in the original game and it is heartbreaking. But It is not a big deal to get unlimited gold in this mod pack. You simply need to download and install the mod pack of the game from the link given above. You will see that when you run the game it will already have unlimited gold. After this, you can use your gold any way you like to. Enjoy!

  1. How to get infinite gems and money in the game?

Every player of the game has difficulty getting gems and progressing faster and faster in the game. It is not possible to get unlimited gems in the original game. But when you download the modded version of the game there are infinite gems in your game account. It is amazing for the new players of the game.

  1. What is the idle system in the game?

The idle system in the game allows the players to play the game without carrying their mobile phones with them. It is just like an autoplay feature that keeps the player’s heroes progressing even when he is not available.

  1. Is it safe to install the Ideal Heroes Mod-Apk?

Well YES, Ideal Heroes Mod-Apk is a secure application to download and install in your device. We don’t share any modified application which is corrupted or contains a virus. Our Ideal Heroes cheat for android went through some comprehensive quality check and upon clearance; we make them available for you from our private server.

  1. What does the Ideal Heroes Cracked APK contain?

The Ideal Heroes glitch is unlimited which you can use to get the heroes of your desire. As in the original game you have to pay the in-app purchases or play the game to complete missions and then you can upgrade your heroes this Mod provides you everything without any cost.

  1. How can I download and install Ideal Heroes Mod-Apk?

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to download and install the game has been discussed above. Please follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

  1. What to do if my game is not responding properly?

If your app is behaving abnormally and not working properly please let us know about the exact issue you are facing. We will be more than happy to help you resolve your problem and facilitate you as soon as we can.


Now, to sum up, things, the game Idle Heroes Mod Apk is a very wonderful game that gives you an experience of the best gameplay. This mod pack not only gives access to unlimited resources but also helps the players to get the most out of the game even without needing to worry about the price of stuff bought in the game. The game is also the best partner if you have to spend a lot of your free time. The game is addicting. Visit our NY APK website for more famous and amazing games.

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