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Mafia CIty Mod apk has got so famous that it has crossed 100million downloads around the world in just 3 years
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The game Mafia City Mod Apk is one of the most played strategic games all around the globe. You can understand from the name of the game that it is a mafia-based game. This game has got so famous that it has crossed 100million downloads worldwide in just 3 years. The game is based on people that are in the mafia. In this game, the players have to earn money by completing different tasks.

They also have to battle with the other gangs to increase the reputation of their gang. The thing that makes this Mod-pack cool is that there is an infinite amount of resources already present in the game. So, you do not have to worry about purchasing or getting stuff to proceed in the game. Let’s check out some amazing things about the game.

Mafia City Mod Apk detailed specifications

App Name Mafia City Mod Apk
Version 1.6.4
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 90M
Download Page Mafia City Mod Apk
Last Update One day ago
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer Yotta Games

【New Contents】
1. New Event: Target Practice
2. New Vigilante: The Stray Bullet– Brad.

【New Features】
1. Decorations:
(1) Sword Storm Turf Effect.
(2) Wings of Glory Combined Turf Effect.

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Officials Appointment: Now you can type in coordinates or go to Player Details to appoint.

【Fixed Contents】
1. Fixed the issue whereby taking revenge or being avenged counted towards the total number of robbed Resources

Old Versions of Mafia City

  • 1.5.135 (76.17MB)
  • 1.5.117 (76.02MB)
  • 1.3.967 (74.48MB)
  • 1.3.960 (76.42MB)

What’s new in Mafia City Mod APK?

Mafia City Mod-Apk is an amazing game because of its attractive graphics. The graphics of Mafia City Mod-Apk are pretty impressive. Many players say that they were attracted to the game because of its awesome graphics and gameplay features. The gameplay of the game is also really amazing. As it is a strategic mafia game, gang wars in the game with many groups called Mafia gangs. Every one of the gangs competes with the other gangs and tries to strategically and politically defeat all the other gangs. Now the developers have changed Mafia City Mod APK with certain modifications to make it an interesting game.

New content:

  1. New Moneylender feature: This feature is used to improve the equipment accredits. This feature allows you to get loans on an illegal basis, which can make you rich. But these loans are so bad that you might have to pay 2x for the amount you took as the loan interest increases after a certain amount of time.
  1. New Warriors have been added: New warriors have been added to the game by the developers fighting by your side and helping you get the illegal activities done very quickly.
  2. Gang HQ: These have been added to the gang meetings to achieve rewards after completing the task.
  3. A new watch committee has been added to the game.

Mafia City Mod APK

New features:

  1. Gang log: when the gang members go and change in their ranks, they will now get new logs.

Wait…there’s more!

Mafia City Mod-Apk can take you to a whole new and awesome level in gaming by providing a full career mode, brilliant graphics, and an awesome game-play

This is a game in which the player becomes the captain of the culprit organization. However, the captain has to seize a house and make it an apartment for his Godfather of the gang mafia. The game is concerned with all illegal ways to earn money, for example, illegal agreements, killing people, and other means to get power in the city to start covering many other culprit societies.

This is not all; the captain should always be alert so that he can save his gang from the police and other culprit communities. This is necessary to keep its power over the city. Culprit communities are always there to attack you. Many gangs are in search of you. They have guns and their fear all over the city. So, there is always a need to alert all the other gangs to keep the Godfather’s apartment safe. The Godfather apartment is the most precious building for your gang.

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Gang warriors have no weapons to fight against enemy gangs and are strong enough to defend your base. And this fighting ultimately becomes their lifestyle. But the shooters can use different kinds of weapons to fight. They can use rifles, submachine guns, and many other different types of weapons. Some mechanics are available to make advanced vehicles for fighting purposes.

So, this is an amazing game; players can not only play freely. They can also get many weapons by leveling up. It is necessary to kill all robbers of the city to become a soldier of Godfather. You’ll have to destroy your enemies to keep yourself protected. You have to increase your thinking skills and strategic plans to make your gang win.

The game has achieved a big milestone of a hundred million downloads, and it is getting more popular day by day. People around the world love the game because of its awesome features. The thing that can determine the game’s popularity is that in the last month of June, the game got about 500k+ downloads. People also thought that game developers are not having much of a profit. For this, you can check the revenue generated by the game, which is about $15 million in the last month. This game is pretty cool, and if the developers keep adding new stuff, it can become the most awesome strategic mafia game ever!

Features of game Mafia City Mod Apk

Now, Let’s explore the most amazing features of the War Robots MOD Apk:

 Discovery of new lands 
  • In Mafia City Mod Apk, the players need to be alert because while playing the game, you will now have to move through more than 12 squares of New Heaven City, which is the most well-known and celebrated city in America. The city is more well-known due to its historical culture and architectural depressions. There will be more gangs passing by, so you will have to try your best to defeat them. This is the only way to make your enclave strong.

Mafia City Mod APK

 Variations in-game tasks  
  • killing the gangsters is not the only task. Instead, they are a variety of tasks, each having more than 20 missions by the US. You are going to feel good about completing these missions.
 Plentiful vehicles and weapons 
  • Game developers have provided us with lots of weapons to make this a more exciting game. The game includes 60 heroic cars with realistic functioning and design procedures, baseball bats, shotguns, interlock guns, and machine guns.

 Cons upgrade your foundations 
  • Your foundations are very important, so it is important to upgrade them. The city has many foundations that you can build up.
 Global Game 
  • The game is running worldwide and has a simple control system to use to change languages. So, Mafia City Mod-Apk is very common in all the regions of the world.
 Available Worldwide 
  • This amazing game supports configurations in various languages so, don’t worry about your language. You can download and play the game in your language as well as in other languages. In conclusion, this game has broken the records of the most popular games in many countries; if you haven’t played it yet, then download it from the link given below and give it a try!

Mafia City Mod APK

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How to download and install Mafia City Mod apk on an Android device

  1. Search for the game that you want to download.
  2. Click on the “Download” button, wait for a few seconds and then download the apk. 
  3. After downloading the file, Go to “File Manager” and click on the downloaded file
  4. On first time installation through file manager then click on “Security” and enable “Allow this source option” (if you didn’t get the option, ignore this step)
  5. Install the game and enjoy the premium things for free.
  6. Let us know if you have any issues installing the apk by leaving a comment under this article.

There are some frequently asked questions below regarding the game Mafia City Mod-Apk. You can see these if you face any difficulty or problem regarding the game.


Is it safe to install the versi terbaru of Mafia City Mod-Apk on mobile?

Yes, it is safe to install Mafia City APK MOD on your android. There are no security issues regarding its installation. The server is controlling it throughout the world.

Is it possible to hack Mafia City Apk?

If you want to play online then you have to reach all its secret codes. For this purpose, have a look at the videos on hacking iOS.

Can we play Mafia City without the internet (offline)?

Well No. It is a free but online game with all the quality you need to get rid of your boredom. As this requires an internet connection it also gives access to the people around the world who are playing. It means being an online game can help you to make alliances with people from all around the globe. Therefore, to play the game you must have an internet connection.

How do I get free gold in Mafia City Mod-Apk?

As, you know that in the original version of the game you have to play the game a lot to get a little bit of gold but in this mod-pack, the restrictions have been removed. Now, you can get unlimited money for free in the game. You just need to download the game from the link given above and when you install the game and open it you will see that there is unlimited gold already waiting for you in the game. So, hurry up! Download the game and enjoy unlimited gems and money.

Is Mafia City based on pay-to-win?

The best thing about the game is that the game is not a pay-to-win. It is instead played to win. When the players of the game noticed that the game is no pay to win and there is play to win the game became more and more popular in just weeks. This is the feature that makes the game interesting for everyone.

Final Words

Now to sum up things, having so many amazing features the game has simply one of the best strategic game plays. It is proved that the Mafia City Mod-Apk is one of the most amazing strategic games available to play for free with unlimited everything. It involves political thinking and understanding the need to grow your business. So if you have not downloaded the game yet, then download it now! And enjoy playing. The game is available on our website and is free of cost.

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