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Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk 2022 is a premium hack version with free unlimited coins and gems. Hence, download the mod application and enjoy it!
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Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk is an incredibly amazing action game specially designed for people who love shooting games. Hence, if you are already a fan of this game and seek the unlimited version, congratulations have landed on the right page. Here you can find the best Pixel Gun 3D with no email version with unlimited money and gems. Furthermore, you can directly download the pixel gun 3d modded Apk for your android, ios, iPad, or Pc, or follow the detailed step-by-step guide to download the game and play using the launcher.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in directly and explore your favorite game in detail.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk detailed specifications

App Name Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK
Version 22.7
Platform Android 4.4 and up
Size 1.2 gb
Download Page Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK
Last Update One day ago
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer Pixel gun 3d

Pixel Gun 3D: Survival shooter & Battle Royale Old Versions

22.7 (Current) 17.8.1 17.8.0 17.7.2 17.7.0
17.6.2 17.6.1 17.6.0 17.5.2 17.5.1
17.5.0 17.4.1 17.4.0 17.3.0 17.2.0
17.1.3 17.1.2 17.1.1 17.1.0 17.0.1
17.0.0 16.9.1 16.9.0 16.8.1 16.8.0
12.1.1 16.4.1 16.0.1 15.9.1 16.6.1
16.5.1 16.1.2 14.0.3 13.3.0 15.8.1
10.6.1 10.5.1 10.2.5 7.1.1 2.1.1
10.2.4 4.7.1 15.0.2 16.3.01 15.9.0
16.3.0 15.4.0 16.1.0 13.4.0 17.4.0
16.6.0 12.6.0 15.8.0 17.6.2 17.7.0
16.2.2 12.2.0 13.5.3 13.0.3 15.2.31
12.5.3 4.5 4.7.1 10.0.4 5
5.1.1 5.3.0 5.1.0 6.0.5 8.0.0
9.1.0 9.4.2 9.3.0 10.2.1 10.1.2
10.6.1 10.0.4 10.2.5 10.0.0

What’s new in Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk 2021

  • The mega Olympian season in Battle Pass. You can meet all Gods, whether new or old. Furthermore, you can carry the extreme thunder of the Zeus or the Spear of Ares.
  • The Insidious Hades Set. You can directly look into the six eyes of Melee and the eyes of the Cerberus.
  • Enjoy the Titans Lottery, Lava, Ice, Rock.
  • Have a Hercules Van with the key to three fabulous weapons for the three too legendary men.
  • Witness the rise of the Olympus and new mapping for the PG Gods.
  • Rework done on Knife Party. Hence, the party has become jazzier.

Features of Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk

Now, Let’s explore the most amazing features of the Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk:

 Multiple Modes 

The game supports four different modes, and each mode has its own distinctive amazing features.

This mode supports up to 8 gamers’ gameplay at the same time. You can play with your family, friends, and colleagues from around the world and even chat with them during a war play. Moreover, it provides maps of the place in different sizes. Weapons’ availability is also excellent.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk

 Cooperative Mode 

This mode of the game allows hardcore gameplay. As compared to the multi-player mode, it supports up to 4 players at a time. Furthermore, you can have maps of 8 different locations. Online chat facility with other players is also available, and the winner also gets the free coins as winning a prize.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk

 Battle Royale Mode  

It provides gamers an opportunity to display their skills and become a survivor. This model has a huge battlefield with some exciting and amazing action and gameplay. Moreover, it also gives the player the edge of viewing the other player if fire blows out.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk

 Amazing graphics 

The game has some incredibly amazing graphics, updated locations, and maps of various sites.

   Background Music  

You can enjoy an entertaining and funky range of cool songs while playing.

pixelgun 3d

Want to know more about the Pixel Gun 3D Modded Apk?

The Pixel Gun 3D is an amazing game developed for android smartphones similar to Minecraft style. This game supports the players in designing and building their personalized hero characters and skins using a user-friendly editing tool. Therefore, after selecting their favorite character, gamers can move on to the battlefield. Furthermore, gamers get a multi-player mode with extremely enjoyable gameplay, which allows them to play with their friends and family and have fun.

Another shooting game is waiting for you, Sniper 3D Assassin MOD APK, check both shooting games and let us know in the comments which you like most.

The game comes along with an amazing range of war weapons. Hence, the players can choose the weapon of their choice, such as the Automatic M16 rifle, a wide range of Pistols, Kalashnikovs, Winchester, multiple types of combat war weapons, etc. The player can use these weapons on the battlefield to have a strong fight against the opponents.

pixelgun 3d

The real combat is usually held at large famous places such as the beautiful Golden gate bridge etc. Moreover, the game also supports multiple modes, multi-player mode, cooperative mode, and survival campaign mode. The players can enhance their shooting bullets skills by practicing and testing them in survival mode. Furthermore, for this, the gamer will be stuck helplessly in the opponent’s area and have to hide his aim to get out of that place.

As time passes, the opponent army will get bigger and bigger, surrounding and hitting you from various dimensions. Moreover, the version pixel gun 3d pro provides various types of the latest war weapons, war gadgets, and many other things.

pixel gun 3d mod

Moreover, to get the utmost benefit from the game, always download the latest available version. You can directly download the original version of the pixel gun 3d lucky patcher from the google play store. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to the google play store or don’t have enough money for the in-app purchases; we are here to help you download the free and modified version of the game with unlimited money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about pixel gun 3d Chinese mod menu Apk. Do have a look if you have any concerns about the game or if you are facing any problems.

Is it safe to install the Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk?

Well, the answer is YES, Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk is a secure android application to download and install in your device. Additionally, our team always performs comprehensive quality checks before uploading it to a private server to make sure you don’t get any modified application that is corrupted or contains a virus or is dangerous for device health.

Can this game be played on a PC or Laptop? If Yes, then how to play it?

Firstly, yes pixel gun 3d hack APK can be played on a PC or Laptop even without any human verification. Secondly, you have to follow a few prerequisite steps to be able to play this game on a PC or Laptop. The steps are as follows:

  • Install any android emulator on your device.
  • Open the Emulator.
  • Register with your Google account.
  • Open the default browser application.
  • Open the download link for the game.

Upon completion of the download, Follow the step-by-step installation guide given above to successfully install the APK.

What does the Pixel gun 3d Cracked APK contain?

In Pixel gun 3d crack has unlimited money strike which you can use to get the weapon of your desire. However, in the original app, you have to play games and complete missions and then you can make money to purchase gadgets and level up, but this MOD APK provides you everything for free.

Should I root system my android device before playing this game?

Absolutely NO, the download and installation of this game do not require a root system.

How can I download and install Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk?

The detailed step-by-step guide of how to download and install (versi terbaru) the game has been discussed above. Hence, please follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

What to do if my game is not responding properly?

If your app is behaving abnormally and not working properly please let us know about the exact issue you are facing. We will be more than happy to help you resolve your problem and facilitate you as soon as we can.

How many modes are provided in the Pixel gun 3D mod?

The game comes along with three modes named Multi-Player, Cooperative Mode, Battle Royale Mode, and Survival Campaign Mode.

Is Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk available to play offline?

Yes, this game is available to play offline.

Final Words

The Pixel Gun 3D is considered an interactive game and the 3D graphics make it even more interesting. In the modified version you will enter the battlefield and have a choice of upgrading characters and getting unlimited weapons and coins. Also, all elements in the game will be in the form of pixels. For those of you who like the classic feel, it is appropriate to try this game. So, If you still haven’t played this game, download the hack plus trainer version from our site, and enjoy shooting.

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