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Download RAID Shadow Legends MOD Apk with Unlimited Gems/ Coins and enjoy a fantasy RPG with extremely stunning graphics.
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Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk is a fantasy-based RPG game. It was released on 29th July 2018. The game did not grow as popular as other RPG games at first. But when the game started to grow, it kept growing more and more very quickly. It has about 10 million downloads in only 2-years. This is a premium version of the game that is available to play freely. Yes, you are right. It’s free to play! This Mod-Pack helps the players a lot. Let’s check out some details about this awesome RPG game.

Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk detailed specifications

App Name Raid shadow legends mod apk
Version 5.30
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 165M
Download Page Kick the buddy Mod Apk
Last Update April 2022
Rating 4.3
Price Free
Developer Playgendary

Old Versions of Raid Shadow Legends:

  • 2.10.0 (105.01 MB)
  • 2.0.0 (102.77 MB)
  • 1.15.7 (163.38 MB)
  • 1.15.7 (101.59 MB)

What’s new in RAID: Shadow Legends Mod-Apk?

New in 5.30.0:

– Champion Skins! We’ve added our first ever Champion Skins to RAID – starting with 3 Skins for the Arbiter.

– Added items to the Clan Shop, including a new Artifact Set – Killstroke.

– Added option to set Skill Instructions per Round for certain Saved Team sets.

– Opened Super Raids for Faction Wars.

– Multi-Battle mode is now available in Faction Wars.

– Multi-Battle attempts will be added now separately in your Inbox and can be activated one by one as needed

The game developers Plarium Global Ltd. Have added some new features in the game, the last update. Also, many in-game fixes have been done in the last update of the game. This has made the game quite a lot of fun to play. Some new things in the game from the last update are:

  1. Addition of tag team arenas:

The game developers thought of adding a new game mode that may be liked by the audience a lot. So, they released the tag team matches in which the player has to bring 3 teams of his choice. It’s really important to bring the best teams of champions in your collection because these fights get harder and harder as you proceed. In this game mode, the player has to defeat the 3 teams of opponents by using his team’s skills and abilities. The addition of this game mode has made the game more interesting for old and new players of the game.

  1. The addition of drag and drop feature:

Every player of this game knows how bad it is to go and change your champion’s position or add a new champion to the team. This wasn’t very pleasant until now. The drag-and-drop feature is now available. The players now have to drag and drop the characters they want in their team from their champions’ collection. This has made the play of many players very easy. Although it was a minor change, the players needed it a lot.

  1. Bug fixes and lag improvement:

Overall, the game has good gameplay with 3D cut-scenes and good sound. This game is very nice for the gameplay, but it had some lag and Bug issues. These made the players quit the game and sometimes made them rage. But now, almost every single Bug has been removed from the game. So, there is no need to worry about these bad lags and bugs.

Wait…there’s more!

This game can take you to a whole new level of RPG games. And the coolest part about the game is that it is a game made for mobile but players also play the game on PC to get a superb gaming experience with flexible controls. The game starts you off as a hero of Telleria. A world that has been conquered by the evil forces of the dark lord. Now it becomes your duty to save the world by defeating the dark lord and his forces. Now, you have to level up your champions. Defeating the Dark Lord is not a piece of cake. The game has 16 different factions from which you can choose your favorite champions to take into the battle.

As it is written above that the game has over 10 million downloads in only 2 years. The number 10,000,000 is enormous for any game to reach in only 2 small years! The game has achieved its first milestone, and still, there are many milestones left to achieve. The popularity of the game is mostly in the USA, but it is still played worldwide. The veterans of the game, they love it, and they want the developers to add new updates to the game now and then. So, there remains some new stuff to do or check while playing the game.

The download count of the game can determine the popularity of the game in the last month. In June 2020, the game reached a total of 700k downloads, and the developers have made a profit of about 6.5 million dollars. It’s simply amazing!

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The most interesting part of this revenue is that it has been generated from all over the world. The game is famous around the globe among the players of RPG games. Almost everything that is in the in-app purchases is above $9.99. It is quite disappointing for the players who want the full-feature gaming experience without paying a fee. But when the game is downloaded from the link above, there is no need to pay anything to the game or its developers for the in-app purchases. That’s pretty cool.

As told before, the game is based on a fantasy-type RPG story. In which evil is trying to take over the world. Now, you have to stop it! There are many campaign missions in the game which make the game available to play offline, even without an internet connection. It is recommended to have 3G or 4G mobile data or a stable Wi-Fi connection to take out the game’s best experience. Without any doubt, it is an awesome game.

Features of Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk

Now, Let’s explore the most amazing features of the War Robots MOD Apk:

 Planned and strategic game-play 
  • The game features include planned and strategic gameplay. This means that the game works on the principle of strategy. The better is your strategy; the more the chances of your wins in PVP and campaign battles. This feature has made the game special for players who like strategic games and want to try something new. Because RAID: Shadow Legends Mod-Apk allows the players to get Free stuff. Therefore, the players can make their team the way they want.

Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk

 Real-time battles alongside friends 
  • killing the gangsters is not the only task. Instead, they are a variety of tasks, each having more than 20 missions by the US. You are going to feel good about completing these missions.

Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk

 Unlimited resources 
  • In the original version of the game, we have to purchase stuff to get it by paying the game developers money through in-app purchases. The people did not like this. A lot of players didn’t like the purchases. But, in the modified version of the game that we are providing you unlimited everything, there is no reason to fear the in-app purchases. In this modded version of the game, you will get everything for free. Yes, without even paying a single penny to the game developers or us.

Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk

 Ad-free modded version 
  • We know that the most annoying thing in the game is ads. Every player is very annoyed because of the ads. You can remove the ads from the game but, you have to pay for them in the original game. There are no ads in this modified version, and the interesting thing is that you do not even have to pay for this feature. This is called cool!

Raid Shadow Legends Apk


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How to download and install Raid Shadow Legends MOD Apk on an Android device

  1. Search for the game that you want to download.
  2. Click on the “Download” button, wait for a few seconds and then download the apk. 
  3. After downloading the file, Go to “File Manager” and click on the downloaded file
  4. On first time installation through file manager then click on “Security” and enable “Allow this source option” (if you didn’t get the option, ignore this step)
  5. Install the game and enjoy the premium things for free.
  6. Let us know if you have any issues installing the apk by leaving a comment under this article.


Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about RAID: Shadow Legends Mod-Apk. Do have a look if you have any concerns about the game or if you are facing any problem.

  1. How to get free energy?

In the original version of the game, you had to pay for the energy if you purchase it. It was never a good choice to spend your bucks on energy and it still is not. So, what should you do? When you will open the game you will see that you will have infinite energy. Enjoy!

  1. How to purchase things form shop without paying money?

As it is already told that the modded version of the game has infinite resources. It means that you can buy whatever you want and how much you want. And that is for a cost of $0.00. So, hurry up download the modded game, and enjoy these resources for free!

Final Words

The players in the game Raid Shadow Legends APK use the real-time combat mechanic and it’s with the character, that is completely controllable character. There are hundreds of heroes that are present from 13 different zones. In the modified version, with unlimited money, you will be able to select any one of the characters for your recruitment.

Also, with unlimited gems, You can get character gear, and summon better champions. So, don’t waste further time, start playing and enjoy mod APK.

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