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The high-quality 3D gameplay Score Hero MOD Apk FREE for your device & build your career in the mesmerizing world of Football.
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Is the score hero mod apk file is launched by the original developers?   Not  at all, score hero mod apk is not launched by its original developers and you should not use it,

Take the world by storm and develop your incredible Football career by staying in your comfort zone. Score Hero Apk will give you an epic mobile soccer experience where you can customize your character as per your preference, and you have to embark on a journey to create a legend out of a common person.

The game also allows you to represent the nation and play with your friends and make your experience rise manifold. Will you become a true hero and your team becomes famous or not? The home of rewards still awaits you in the game.

Score Hero mod apk the detailed specifications

App Name Score Hero Mod Apk
Version 2.85
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 95M
Download Page Score Hero Mod
Last Update One day ago
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer First Touch Games

Football has become an endless source of inspiration for many different genres of entertainment. Score! Hero Apk is a game that makes fair use of the mechanics of soccer. The fun doesn’t focus on big names. Instead, it allows you to become a big name. You start as an ambitious player in a minor league club who is just sitting on the sidelines.

From here, you’ll gradually become your team’s star player. After that, you’ll have the option to change teams to a more prestigious team higher in the leagues. This is where you’ll really get the chance to shine and play alongside – and against – some of the best players in the world.

What’s New in Score Hero Apk?

The Score! Hero MOD Apk provides the needed advantage of getting infinite money in the game, which will endure that the player can make any purchase without worrying about the items’ price. This advantage, which was missing in the old version, will make the gamer bring his/her best front to the game right from the initial stages.

score hero

 The graphics are beautiful and attractive, inspiring players 

To provide a realistic feel when you enter a match, the audience’s cheers will be constantly heard. The 3D graphics in the game score hero MOD Apk are designed to make everything come true. Players playing on the field will move quickly and smoothly. Depending on the strategy you have given them in advance, they will move right around the time you need. Besides, the trajectory of the ball will also be designed based on real physics. Therefore, you only need to calculate the correct trajectory; you will definitely score. But it depends on the skill of your team goalkeeper.

 The new control mechanism, bringing a different football experience 

score hero mod apkFor ease of imagination, “Score! Hero” has the mixing mechanism of a puzzle game. When participating in the game, you will start as a football player without a reputation. Through each level, you will slowly build your image to become a capable person to compete with the world’s most famous players.

A match will not follow the tempo of regular soccer matches. Like for a soccer match, you go through 90 minutes. Players must focus on using their skills to win. Players are the key to making such victories. “Score! Hero” does not focus on the above factors but requires the player to handle the passing and finishing. The ball will start to be passed from player to player.

Each time you pass the ball like that, the game will stop and allow you to draw the ball’s trajectory. Depending on the player’s direction of movement, there will be a specific range of passes. Players will have to think about whether the players that they have arranged tactically can catch the ball or not. If the player catches the ball, the game will continue to proceed to benefit the player.

 Turning points that create a match result 

Although you can control the direction of the ball, at the same time, the opponent also moves to predict your attack. If they truly guessed right, then your attack will be blocked and most likely make a turning point in the match. Therefore, your tactics must create a tactic that your opponent cannot predict. Another factor is the number of players you bring out to use. Although these stats are not very important, if they run slower than the opponent and not in the right position, the pass will fail. Moreover, accuracy in finishing shots should also be improved. The shot must be strong, and there is a certain danger that the goalkeeper cannot catch those situations.


As mentioned, this game uses elements of the puzzle game. So you cannot confront a real player but just playing with AI only. The challenges that the game presents are completely difficult, not easy. Their players are extremely intelligent and move quickly—the higher the level, the stronger the opponent’s level. Focus on upgrading the players you are using or using the money to buy more strong stats. They will bring many benefits to your team.

Features & Gameplay of Score Hero Apk

The game turns your dream of becoming a football legend into a reality. The Score! Hero MOD Apk, with its high-quality 3D gameplay, makes the gaming experience class apart. The game lets you make your customized football player a football legend by going through tough levels where the player shall acquire skills to make him/her a better football player.

The Score! Hero MOD Apk boasts superb gameplay where the player can defend and shoot, making it feel like the game is happening in real life. There are around 720 plus levels which the gamer can play.

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Features of the Score! Hero Game:

  • With over 720 plus levels, the Score! Hero provides an opportunity to score goals, win trophies, change football clubs, and most importantly, represent your country in challenging gameplay. A moment of pride!
  • The best part about the game is the 3D gameplay. The graphics make the players almost real lifelike and it not for once feels like you are playing on your android device. The 3D gameplay makes all the shots very clear and smooth.
  • You can make your hero perfectly resemble your quality traits by using the option of customization available in the Score! Hero. This feature is what adds a personal feel while playing the game.
  • What makes the game awesome is that the game uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust to the passes of the ball, which makes every gameplay unique. This feature is what never lets the user get bored while playing the Score! Hero.
  • The game also allows you to enjoy the gameplay with your friends by connecting the app to Facebook. It is said that the fun of every game increases when played with your friends.
  • You can even sync the Score! Hero to the Google gameplay, which shall enable you to access the game from any device as long as you have your Google account’s login details. Syncing to the Google gameplay also enables you to access the Google Play Store achievements and trophies.
  • The story of the Score! The hero is highly engaging and inspiring. The story of a common guy and his transformation into a hero and then eventually into a football legend by acquiring skills throughout the game

score apk

How to Play Score Hero MOD Apk

Whether you’re new to soccer games or you’ve been playing FIFA for most of your life, Score! Hero MOD Apk is a new kind of football game that changes the whole dynamic of a game. It’s a much more fun version of the traditional soccer game. Here are some tips to help you dominate on the pitch.

Start slow

At the beginning of the game, you are nobody. You should play it safe and focus on being a reliable sub who can set up your team’s occasional goal. In this way, they’ll eventually want you out there on the field more often.

Play for the team, not just yourself

Sure, the game is about your journey to the top, but you’re never going to reach the top if you’re only concerned with yourself when you’re out on the pitch. If you want to stand out, then you should learn to play for your team as well. Set up goals for them to score, and you’ll be considered a much better player overall.

Curve your shots

Probably the ultimate goal, a curved shot that goes straight past the goalie and into the top corner of the net is always a thing to see. Make sure that you’re practicing these shots early on so that you can make them when the moment is truly right later on.

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What to do if I have already installed Score Hero Mod apk on my mobile device?

Delete it as soon as possible, because it infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.

Credit: All rights go to< rel/a>

Final Verdict

I believe Score Hero is a unique game that lets the player experience the magic of playing football in the virtual world. What differentiates the game from the other football games out there is the fact that it lets you create a LEGEND by enduring the journey through various phases of strategy & commitment. The Score! Hero Mod Apk provides the awesome advantage of getting infinite cash which means that the gamer can make any purchase he/she likes without even thinking once about the price. These added advantages of the Score! Hero MOD Apk makes it a rational choice over the normal version.

What are you waiting for!? Download from google play store  & have fun!

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