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Traffic Racer MOD APK is a premium version of the game which is freely available for you with unlimited money and benefits.
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Traffic Racer MOD APK 2021 is a premium version with unlimited money and benefits. It is freely available for you to download and install on your android device with countless amazing features. The cherry on top is that this game is freely available for download.

While playing the Traffic Racer, you have an opportunity to participate in a race, compete with the topmost racers, beat them, and cross the finish line before everyone else to top the racer’s chart. Therefore, it is one of the topmost games under the category of racing games. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get the modified Apk and enjoy racing!

Traffic Racer MOD APK detailed specifications

App Name Traffic Racer MOD APK
Version 3.6
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 86M
Download Page Traffic Racer MOD APK
Last Update 2022
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer Sonar Kara

What’s new in Traffic Racer MOD APK 2022?

This game is based on the idea of driving and racing your car among the regular traffic and busy streets of the city. Hence, to cross the finish line, you have to go through hurdles of light and heavy traffic which makes it even more engaging and interesting. The Traffic Racer  MOD APK provides you an unlimited amount of money so that you never have to wait to race again. We have another amazing racing game for you Real Racing 3 in which you will enjoy the real experience.

In addition, you can have all the fundamentals plus all the higher-level instruments required from the very beginning to defeat the opponents. Moreover, with unlimited money in hand, the player of the game can overcome the hardest challenges and defeat the topmost opponents and top the best player chart. Let’s have a look at some of the new features of the modified application:

  • Three brand new cars are added to the showroom in the version.
  • Customization is enhanced in terms of Vinyl.
  • The Color Picker is added so that you can select the color of your choice for your car.
  • 22 more rims are added.
  • Some graphical changes are made to few car models.
  • The user-interface is refreshed with a new design.
  • The car showroom image can be shared.
  • The app size is small now to relieve your device’s memory.
  • Some new original engine sounds are added to enhance the gaming experience.
  • One new location is added.
  • The location graphics are updated to maintain quality.
  • Car handling has been optimized.
  • Some other minor bugs are fixed and improvements are made.

Still not convinced?

The game provides the 3D graphics to soothe your gaming and racing experience. Traffic Racer facilitates users to customize their cars in terms of models, color, etc. There will be regular traffic on the roads as this game consists of the actual race tracks, city roads, and highways. That’s quite a scenario but, let me tell you that you and the opponents won’t be the only ones on the road. During the race, you may come across buses, trucks, cars, and bikes as usual traffic. The cherry on top is that it’s free of price game.

For customization purposes, the game comes with a lot of options in terms of cars so that you can select your favorite one. This seems quite a temptation for a game lover with the best and latest quality of graphics. The up-gradation to higher levels and modes is embedded to enhance the competence and keep the user engaged all the time.

Features of Traffic Racer

 Keep User Engaged  
  • As time passes, the gamers are becoming more selective in terms of the games they choose to play and spend time on. Some games are not as engaging, which eventually makes the gamers bore and they tend to switch towards the other games or fresh content available in the market. The game developers don’t focus on creating some new content and end up being deploying the repetitive functionalities and addons. However, the developers of the Traffic Racer handled these exceptions and made sure to design and give the best user experience with competent design and various modes and difficulty levels. Hence, they developed five different modes of gameplay with different environments and difficulty levels to keep users engaged throughout the gameplay.

Traffic Racer MOD APK

 Real-Feel with HD Graphics 
  • The other most important thing to attract users towards the game is to deliver what they expect and want from the game. Therefore, this factor is kept under consideration by the developers of the Traffic Racer game by bringing the evolution and introducing a 3D gameplay in the game world. As a result, users get the best quality of graphics and virtually real detailing in the scenarios, and making the racers believe that they are sitting in the real car. This excitement results in a developed interest in gameplay and keeps players engaged throughout the time.

Traffic Racer MOD APK

Traffic Racer MOD APK

 User-Friendly Interface 
  • As they say, technology isn’t meant for everyone, many gaming applications with complicated gameplay and higher difficulty level exists. Hence, it becomes really difficult for most people to understand the user interface and gameplay resulting in decreasing their interest level in the game. At the same point, this is where the real game stands out by being user-friendly for all types of users especially the naïve ones. The difficulty level is increased gradually and the controls of the game are made simple, as simple as tilting the smartphone screen can be used to control your car. There also exists the gas button to race up the car and the brake button to stop the car whenever needed.

traffic rider hack

 Various types of Traffic 
  • Another engaging and interesting factor is traffic. The city roads with different types of traffic such as cars, trucks, SUVs, busses scooters, and bikes. To enhance the hurdles, cargo trucks are also included.

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  • Is it safe to install the Traffic Rider MOD APK?

YES, this game is secure to download and install on your smartphone. Firstly, we don’t share any modified application which is corrupted or contains a virus. Secondly, our Traffic Racer MOD  also went through some comprehensive quality checks, and upon clearance, we make them available for you.

  • What does the Traffic Racer Cracked APK contain?

The money available is unlimited which you can use to get the cars of your desire. As in the original app you have to play game complete missions and then you can make money to upgrade your vehicle.

  • How can I download and install Traffic Rider hack MOD APK?

The detailed step-by-step guide of how to download and install the game has been discussed above. Please follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

  • What to do if my game is not responding properly?

If your android application is behaving abnormally and not working properly please let us know about the exact issue you are facing. We will be more than happy to help you resolve your problem and facilitate you as soon as we can.

  • How many modes are provided in Traffic Racer MOD APK?

The game comes along with multiple modes related to traffic such as endless, two-way racing, time-traveling mode, police chasing mode, and free ride.

  • Is Traffic Racer MOD APK available to play offline?

Yes, as it is an offline game.


Traffic Racer is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing. While playing the Traffic Racer, you have an opportunity to participate in a race, compete with the topmost racers, beat them, and cross the finish line before everyone else to top the racer’s chart. Also, the hack version of the game provides users unlimited money to avail of exciting things such as various models of cars which are paid in the original version. And the ability to climb up to the upper level without having to fulfill the already set criterion of the game.

Therefore, considering all the perks of the MOD version it is surely a more attractive and fun-filled game to play than the original one.

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