War Robots MOD Apk 2022 Latest v 8.5 [Unlimited Bullets and Ammo]


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How to download install War Robots MOD Apk 2022 Latest v 8.5 [Unlimited Bullets and Ammo] APK?

1. Tap the download button and wait for few seconds.

2. Click the button again and downloading will start in 8 seconds.

3. Hit the button again if downloading not start automatically.

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The War Robots MOD Apk 2022 is a multiplayer 6 versus 6 action-packed game. It is considered one of the best shooting games. In this modded Apk, you get fast-paced action for free and enjoy one of the greatest multiplayer games.

This game has proved to be the best VR-supported shooting game with various types of guns and mechs that you can customize using unlimited money from the mod.

This is a 6v6 PVP tactical steam gameplay in which you can build your robotic team with your friends or team up with other people from all over the world.

Hence, if you are a fan of sci-fi games and strategic shooting games, this is the right choice. Download now on your Android, iOS(iPhone and iPad) and have fun. Let’s discuss details about the game:

War Robots MOD Apk detailed specifications

App Name War Robots Mod Apk
Version 8.5
Platform Android 5.0 and up
Size 76.6M
Download Page War Robots Mod apk
Last Update One day ago
Rating 4.4
Price Free
Developer PIXONIC

Old Versions of War Robots MOD Apk

  • 6.2.0 (11838)

  • 6.0.0 (11736)

  • 5.8.0 (11679)

  •  5.7.2 (11637)

What’s new in War Robots MOD Apk 2022?

The game is being updated now and then has a lot of new stuff going on in it. In the latest version of the game, the following things have been added in the last update:

The new features include:

  • There are new robots that have been added to the game, like Scorpion and hawk.
  • New weapons have also been added in the game that allows the user to choose from a wider variety of selections, depending on their interest.
  • Robots can be customized by players like the way they want their Mechs.
  • Multiplayer lag problems have been solved.
  • New game modes like the arena and free-for-all are now available for the players who want to fight solo against other people.
  • The “custom game” has been added that allows the players to make teams of the numbers they want. This number is the same as the PVP (6 players maximum on each team). Unlike the other game modes, this game mode allows the players to choose the maps of their choice and the game mode.

Along with all these features, new features are being added to the game every update. So, watch out for them!

Wait…there’s More!

We all know that war robot mod Apk is a famous multiplayer game all around the globe. Around the world, there are about 2 million daily active players! It is a popular game all around the globe. The game’s release became official in April 2014, and since then, the game has taken over all the other shooting games that support virtual reality headsets and even the games that were considered the best at that time.

The game is based on the “MOBA” genre and is very fun to play. However, some game players say that the game has now become “pay to win” instead of “play to win.”

The game developers have included the in-app purchases to progress rapidly in the game by paying them money; it is actually the thing that causes a lot of trouble for the players who do not want to pay money to win or get new robots. The game has very amazing graphics that take the players deep into the virtual world.

Moreover, the game developers try to keep the game updated and clear out and fix all of the bugs and lags present in the game. The minimum age to play war robots is 12.

Most of the game players are satisfied with the progress of the game and are also satisfied with the response from the game developers. Some upcoming features that might help the game players in many ways are also introduced new releases.

Furthermore, it has become the most awesome type of time killer for people who suffer from boredom all the time and have nothing to do with their free time. The game now has more than 10 available maps that have their structures, places, and areas. Each map is different from the other. The modes that are available till now are:

  • Team death-match
  • Free-for-all
  • Beacon rush
  • Domination
  • Arena
  • Skirmish
  • Custom game

Although the 2 game modes (Arena and Skirmish) are only for use on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the game modes still have many varieties and many unique rules that every player has to follow. The 3 famous game modes are discussed below:

Team death-match: Team death-match is the game mode in which there are two teams of 6 players in which each player has its robot and load-out. In this mode, the players have to score points obtained by killing the other team’s robots to win. This is also known as the best game mode for wor robots.

Free-for–: In free-for-all mode, it’s every player for himself! It means there is no team and no partners. The main objective is to stay on the top by killing more and more mechs within the given amount of time. This mode is really good for people who want to fight solo.

Custom game: It is the customization of game modes and maps. Players can customize which map they want for the fight and which load-out can be used during the battle. This allows the players to select from various maps and game modes to make the perfect game for the fight.

As it is written above, the developers of the game try to add fun new things to the game to have more interest in playing the game. It is a very good game. Still, it has room for various types of updates that the developers are aware of.

Moreover, fans of the game, especially children, can have war robots coloring pages and sketches to fill colors in their favorite robots. So let’s get ready for the battle of Mechs!

Features of War Robots MOD Apk

Now, Let’s explore the most amazing features of the War Robots MOD Apk:

 Variety of robots to choose from 
  • The past few updates of the game have added many new robots to the game, which is a good thing for all of the game players. People have liked the variety of robots so much that they have started to spend real money on these robots, and many of them have liked them so far.
 Variety of weapon load-outs 
  • There are some types of load-outs in the games
    • Heavy (For example, dragoon)
    • Medium
    • Light
    • Titan ( after level 30 )

Every single weapon goes into its specific slot as heavy weapons go in the heavy weapon slot and medium weapons in the medium weapon slot. There are some other additions like pilots, which provide you special skills for your robot.

 Robot customization the way you like 
  • There are over 50 robots with thousands and thousands of possible combinations. This feature allows the players to find the most suitable combination for their robots to make their robots most overpowered in the game and win any battle without problems.
 Beautiful graphics 
  • The game has very beautiful and realistic graphics. Most of the game players have liked the way the graphics of the game are, and more and more people are trying the game due to its awesome graphics!
 Unlimited Everything (resources) 
  • The game without the mod has so many in-app purchases that it is impossible to get all the things the player needs to get to achieve a good position in the game leaderboard of the game. But this mod has no restrictions as it provides unblocked and unlimited gold, silver, and money to the players to customize and purchase things for their robots and even purchase new robots.

  • This allows the players to do whatever they want and purchase whatever they need without worrying about in-app purchases.

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Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about War Robots Mod-Apk. Do have a look if you have any concerns about the game or if you are facing any problem.

  • Is it safe to install the War Robots Hack Apk?

Well Yes, War Robots versi terbaru is a secure application to download and install in your mobile and desktop/PC. We don’t share any Modified application which is corrupted or contains a virus. Our cheats for android went through some comprehensive quality checks and tests on private servers and upon clearance, we make them available for you. Furthermore, if you still don’t feel comfortable, you can play war robots online in your browser for free as well.

  • What does the War Robot Cracked APK contain?

The War robots money glitch is unlimited which you can use to get the robots or weapons of your desire. As in the original app, you have to pay for in-app purchases to obtain the desired stuff or play the game and complete missions then you can make money to upgrade your robots or weapons.

  • How can I download and install War Robots Mod-Apk?

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to download and install the game has been discussed above. Please follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

  • What to do if my game is not responding properly?

If your app is behaving abnormally and not working properly please let us know about the exact issue you are facing. We will be more than happy to help you resolve your problem and facilitate you as soon as we can.

  • How many downloads do war robots have?

The game has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

  • Can I enter my own robot, if yes, then how can I do this?

Yes, you can do it but apply for entering a Robot in Robot Wars. As soon as we have some new updates for the launch of the new series it will be posted on this official website.

  • What’s the age limit and how many team members can we have?

A team member’s minimum age can be 7 years. Every time a parent or guardian should escort them to the strict rules of film, as of filming hours per day. There can be only 4 members in a team.

  • Where can I get tickets for the Live Shows?

You can get the tickets for the new series of Robot Wars on the following link.

  • Can Android and iOS players play together in the same game?

Android and IOS players can play together in the same game. It has been made possible after the 5.8 updates. But unfortunately, it is still an experimental feature. Players cannot be viewed on (using different platforms) hangars.

  •  How can I stop an upgrade once it is started?

If an update is in the process you cannot stop it. It is done by using gold instantly. However, it is not a recommendable approach, because Gold is a premium resource.

  • How do I change my name?

Just go to the hangar, find the menu on the corner of the bottom left of your site, then press Change Name. Very easy but for the first time it is free. After that, every name-changing try is for 500 Au (Gold).

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In conclusion, The War Robots Mod-Apk is one of the best and most addicting mobile shooting games of the whole time. The game is pretty good if you like science fiction as it is all based on the battles between Mechs and the use of specialized weapons to defeat your opponents.

The game has achieved a huge milestone of 50 million downloads in just 6 years. It has become very popular worldwide and most of the players are very happy to have hover gameplay because of its amazing graphics, controls, and most important the Mechs.

There are regular updates by the developers that cause the players to stay engaged with the game. Stay tuned and visit our blog regularly to get the latest updates.

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